Comprar Sweet Wheat, Ascend, pH Test Strips, 100 Strips

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Sweet Wheat, Ascend, pH Test Strips, 100 Strips

Product Overview


  • Medical Grade
  • Wide Range
  • Saliva or Urine
  • Ultra Sensitive
  • pH 4.0- pH 8.5

Suggested Use

Test Saliva

Wait two hours after eating or drinking. Cover / dip color squares into saliva and wait 15 seconds then compare to chart.

Test Urine

Test the first urine of the day. Place the pH strip in the stream of urine, ensuring the squares are covered in fluid. Shake excess fluid, wait 15 seconds and compare to chart.


  1. Use a spoon for Saliva test instead of directly in mouth.
  2. Only use strips one time.
  3. Test and track twice per day for 2 weeks, then calculate an average for the most accurate reading
  4. Replace cap immediately after use and do not touch the test area squares.


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